Progress of DRP

Below you will find the status of various projects required to launch.

Framework ESX Qbus intergration - Completed

Custom Skin Creator System - Working on Clothing Save

Police Job - Complete Ready For Testing

Car Dealership - Completed Ready For Testing

Housing - Complete Ready For Testing

Phone system - Completed

Drug System - Completed Ready for Testing

Custom Garage System - Completed

Sheriff Liverys - Completed

Mechanic Job ( Tow / Repair - Completed

Car Upgrade System - Ready for testing

Job Center Completed

Extended Vehicle Controls - Completed

Car Upgrade System - Ready for testing

Car customization options - Completed

Jail / Community Service - In progress

Bug / Player Report system - Completed Ready for testing

EUP Clothing - In progress

Misc RP Scripts - In Progress

Radial Menu - Completed - Working on adding more functions