Denali RP Gang Rules

This guide is for Gangs, crews who wish to establish themselves as gangs must adhere to all rules below and demonstrate QUALITY RP and dedication

Each Gang Leader is expected to make sure their gang members are following server rules. As a Gang Leader (You) should only be recruiting trustworthy people, and as such, they are your responsibility.

Gang Wars may only start over real roleplay reasons and not the interaction between one individual or based on a player’s comment

Gangs should agree on the war terms whether in Discord or at a common area and then create a ticket with the reasoning that they’re waring for and Staff Team.

All wars should happen on Home Turfs Only and gangs are not allowed to shoot eachother outside the Home Turfs at any time

Any events held anywhere in the city is a safe zone, gangs are not allowed to have shootouts there.

During a gang War, The use of 911 to call EMS systems to get revived is not advised. If Law Enforcement / EMS does appear it is under their own volition. LEO/EMS will not be required to continually go into a gang area where shootouts are constant. They will not be a gang’s personal revive bot.

Do not brag about gang War outcomes on Twitter or other forms of communication. Outcomes should be kept low-key. For example, Do not tell twitter how many people you have killed or post photos. If a gang wins a shootout/War they may not talk down to the downed rival gang member(s) Gang Wars work on a process.

This process of Attack / Retaliate can only be repeated for seven days. after the seven days the War should end automatically.

During the Attack / Retaliate process the attacker can only attack again once the defender has retaliated. If the defending Gang fails to retaliate within three days, then the War is over with the Attacker being declared the victor.

Gang Leaders can break the process at any time during the seven days by requesting for Peace in another face to face meeting between Gang Leaders. You may only use colors to identify your organization or gang.

Do not chain rob other gang members or target other gang members repeatedly. Do not bad-mouth other gang members or be toxic anywhere / anytime or you will face server bans.

Failure to abide by any of the rules will risk all members of a gang losing their gang status and earning subsequent server bans.

1.0 Establishing 

Establishing a gang must be done through the Gang Formation app in Discord AFTER establishing a crew in city.

After you have applied it will be reviewed by the Staff and the person who lists themself as the OG/Leader will be contacted with a verdict. The OG, as well as at least 3 other members, must be in the server for at least 1days before an application will be considered and reviewed. 

If approved, you have a 14 day probationary period – During this time there are no inherent restrictions, but your gang will be looked at with closer eyes, and harsher punishment if gang-rule breaks do occur.

If you are applying as a gang please make your application exceptional and have a solid group with you. You must have a minimum of 4 members with you to apply.

This is to ensure that new gangs coming in are here for RP and provide solid content and community within the city. During your 14 days before applying we will be looking to see you provide quality roleplay for the server, not stirring the pot with every gang in the server. Not providing quality roleplay during the 14 days prior will result in your gang application being denied. 


1.1 CREWS VS GANGS (Differences)


  • Cannot Own a Territory
  • Cannot Collect Taxes
  • Cannot Access Trap Houses


  • 1 Primary Territory ( Circle Zones ) – Declared in Gang Zones Discord
  • Upto 2 Additional Territory (Non-Primary)
  • Unlimited number Turfs (Square Zones)
  • Collect Taxes From Local Businesses within turfs
  • Access Trap Houses
  • Access Black Market
  • Access Black Market Crafting

1.2 Existing Gangs

If a Gang is already claimed, eg. ESB is already existing, but your group wants to be ESB, there are a few things that can be done in RP.

  • Firstly, your collective should approach the existing set and discuss merging, as that is the least chaotic option for all parties and provides good RP.
  • After your group’s 14-day trial period  is over, you are eligible to declare war on the existing ESB set with Grove Street going to the group that wins the war. See 5.0 War and read all included information.

1.2 Establishing – Requests

Once your Gang is accepted, recognized & established, you may not have all of the things you feel you need to operate properly, for example we might not have the right color of flag your set wants to rep.

To request items, clothing, RP routes/ideas etc. head to #clothing-dev section in the discord, and write out what you are requesting and why. Typically it should be the OG or RH contacting us regarding clothing and flags to keep communication clean, other more personal avenues can be ticketed by the individual.

Please keep in mind, not all requests can/will be fulfilled if deemed not appropriate at the time or solid reasoning as to why the person wants something is not provided, we don’t add things just because it would be “cool.”

Clothing is case by case and we ask for patience once a request is made to ensure all items perform well for the server and are appropriate for your gang’s needs. 

2.0 Roster

Each gang that has been whitelisted gives the names of their initial members upon application, as RP progresses and the gang expands, it is up to the OG and RH of each gang to keep their roster updated and accurate with names.

Each official gang will have their own channel in the Discord for the OG and RH to keep Staff updated regarding strikes their members may have received at a glance, as they will be able to see these numbers to make informed decisions, as well as if they have questions to be able to ask easily.

3.0 Strikes- Personal 

There is a new revamp on strikes, ultimately leaving the Gang members in charge of their own fate on Denali RP. Strikes are applied whenever a gang member breaks server / gang rules (Police are held to same standard)

There are two layers to strikes; Gang Strikes and Member Strikes. 

At no strikes:

You may operate as usual.

At one strike:

You may operate as usual, but understand your fate is in your hands moving forward. 

At two strikes:

The gang member is not allowed to participate in any gang activity for two weeks. If caught disregarding war suspension, you will automatically move to a 3rd strike, and a 7 day ban.

At three strikes:

When a member within the gang reaches 3 strikes, it is an automatic 7 day ban. 

Your gang should be full of people you and your character trusts fully to make the correct decisions on the server and follow the rules. This leaves the fate of your gang in your hands, not ours.

3.1 Strikes –  Duration

Member Strikes clear entirely after 14 continuous days of no further rulebreaks.

Gang Strikes clear entirely after 14 continuous days of no further Gang Strikes.

This is not saying your previous ban and/or warnings for the server go away. Those are persistent and may incur different punishments outside of Gang Strikes depending on repeat offenses and severity.

3.2 Strikes – Gang

Gang strikes can create consequences that last from 1 to 2 weeks depending on a few factors like how fast did your gang receive the strikes. Gang strikes can have consequences ranging from:

  • Claim taxes from businesses
  • Declare war for a primary territory
  • Take over any territory
  • Take over turfs

3.3 Strikes – Disbandment 

Denali Staff reserves the right at any point in time to suspend and or disband your gang should the rules broken be severe and or numerous enough, however, that is in the most extreme of cases and not our objective, target or goal.

4.0 Identification 

Official Gangs must be repping their colors during war. Clearly, and visibly identifiable from a distance. When you are at war, your entire set is at war, regardless if they want to be included in it or not. The only way around this is if there is a term set in the conditions that exclude any members wearing specific different attire.

However- if that is a term and for example someone who is chosen blacked out on either side decides to instigate and talk shit, they are fair game to be included in any open hostilities or violence from then on. Intentionally using this to break the 5-man or set number in terms will result in strikes.

4.1 Cars

There is currently no restricted car ban list in place, including imports, unless the vehicle is bullet proof and or has bullet proof areas.

5.0 War / TURF SCRIM

War should be the last option if all other viable RP routes have been taken to end things civilly, there should be good reasoning behind the decision to go to war, and poor reasoning, such as “One Vago cut in front of my food order and now I want their turf as revenge” as an example would be rejected and told to go RP more for solid reasoning- unless, for whatever reason, both sides agree to go to war, over that.

While at war, your Entire Gang is at war. This means if your 4 you sent out to fight goes down, you are still at risk, don’t believe otherwise. It’s perfectly acceptable to go to the block of an opposing gang in an attempt to “finish the job”.  

Eg. If GSF and ESB are fighting over Oxy which is currently owned by GSF, and the initial term was to be war until GSF surrender or are defeated, it’s possible for a new option in RP to present itself, where instead GSF offers to allow ESB to push Oxy yet while GSF still own it, this is a compromise that can alter the pre-set terms of the war, and allow for deeper roleplay to occur.

5.1 War / TURF SCRIM – Behavior

  • Strictly no salty behavior, OOC Chatter, eg. Literal RP shitting on someone when they’re down, excessive toxicity when people are shot down eg. repeated mag dumping into a downed body, minimal baiting outside of agreed war windows if that was a term etc.
  • If Law Enforcement shows up and you are robbing, or moving a downed person expect to be arrested. Denali does not have a rule that says cops have to wait for you to rob people. They are there to do a job, that job does not include watching you commit a crime and not arrest you, that makes them complicate in the crime and not allowed. You are trying to rob someone who is dying you are expected to roleplay just that. A criminal would not rob someone with a cop standing over his shoulder and not expect an interaction.
  • No hospital camping to rub salt in the wounds if you win or lose a fight. Let the opposing side heal and patch up. You wouldn’t be having a gang rave in a hospital lobby.

5.2 Territory Wars VS Turf Scrim

Wars can only be declared for a Primary Territory (Circle Territory Closest to Gangs Clubhouse)

One Gang cannot Declare War without an RP reason. Because I can is not an RP reason, that’s being toxic.

Turf Scrims (Square Turfs) can happen anytime and do not need to declare war.

Turf Scrims are any controlled Turf is NOT declared Home Territory (Circle Territory Closest to Gangs Clubhouse).

5.3 HOME TERRITORY WAR – Groups & Alliances

In 1.0 we saw a massive increase in Gangs having alliances, for typically rather weak RP reasons. In 2.0 there are no gang alliances permitted for wars.

Rival Gangs cannot come into another’s Home Turf and initiate with gun fire. There must be a war going on to enter a Home Turf and start shooting.

Behavior that isn’t allowed can more accurately be described as helping an opposing gang fight their wars. You are free to be friendly/benefit monetarily off each other in terms of selling weapons, gear, or other things.  

Temporary truces or assisting in fights aka “Tying flags” between gangs  is strictly not allowed. Eg. A second gang coming in to either side unless this is specified as an agreed upon War term by both sides to allow such for the duration of the war only. No longer.

Before a Home Territory can be challenged there has to be a REAL RP REASON to do so. A War declaration has to be opened on Discord. Attempt to resolve the problem prior to a war is expected. If negotiations fail terms are to be set including what the outcome of the war is to be.

Declaring war has to be more then, Because I can. There has to be a reason and what the resolve would be.



5.4 TURF SCRIMS – Groups & Alliances

In all other encounters of Gang on Gang violence including turf scrims alliances are allowed.

5.5 War – “Beefing” 

There is a difference between intent to war and “beef” between gangs, groups, collections etc. Some groups will inherently have disrespects, issues and on-going problems with each other eg. ESB and GSF through either pre existing lore or in-city developments. 

Not every group is looking for hostile interactions to end in a shootout. Read the room of the situation and react accordingly

Baiting “beef” can be considered low quality roleplay. 

Even at the end of a war, “beef” can continue, “beef” can also escalate into a war if it becomes hostile and violent enough.

5.6 War – Third Party

If there is an active war for a Home Territory between Vagos and the LMC, no other group/collective can interject and try to third party one of the groups in active war to be opportunistic and take the objective for themselves on the sly.

This would count even if one side has an ally, see 3.2 – Multiple Groups, unless it is an agreed upon condition set in war terms by both sides.

5.7 War – Alts & filling numbers

Characters that you haven’t played in months/benched alts- you cannot just make them randomly know all about a gang and join immediately- this would be considered powergaming or Fail RP. Only one gang affiliated character is allowed per person. 

There needs to be proper roleplay to have these characters be aware of what is happening and these characters will need to follow the same format of new characters that join the city. The above counts for groups in an existing war. Outside of wartimes, people may join freely through RP and discovery as per normal.

5.8 Home Territory (Circle) 

Territory is an all-encompassing term to describe the foothold of a gang, group or other collective where they typically live. 

Things that do not count as territory nor be included in any Territory borders/ownership;


Pillbox Medical, Mount Zonah Medical, Cork Memorial Medical Centre, Grandmas


If a gunfight breaks out at a business between members in an active war, for example someone owns a Los Santos Customs and they have 12 people in their building, and an opposing group of 4 are looking for members they are at war with, if the group of 4 choose to initiate into the building of 12, all 12 may return fire, however the fight once over should immediately move to appropriate locations outside of businesses.

  • You should not be actively going to work at your civilian job if in war time if you hold one, for several reasons, mainly being you would typically not want to endanger your business or clients by potentially bringing your war with you to your workplace.

5.9 Territory – KoS

If you are in a war that has had terms set and a deadline written and the opposing group comes into your turf- Kill on Sight becomes fair game- however, you should always prioritize RP at all times, as KoS isn’t particularly engaging nor provides RP.

This can also be negated through terms if there is a war and both sides do not wish for KoS to take place.

6.2 Home Territory – Claims

Any gang that exists within base GTA V is considered a Lore Gang. The gangs come with pre-existing turf, colors and a general understanding of what to follow in terms of rivalries. These gangs are expected to keep lore accurate within reason. For example we do not want to see the Vagos being best friends with Marabunta Grande. Any other kinds of gangs, especially original creations, will need to have their turf, logos, flags etc. outlined fully in their application. Gangs are not owed specific turf, the turf you hold is a reflection of the RP you provide, and determines what you’re given initially. 

Lore Gangs

These gangs typically have an outlined pre existing area that they own & claim. This turf can never be removed from the city and persists through different sets and leadership changes.

Original Gangs

Original gangs are non-lore and typically unique and new and don’t have a predefined turf location, this turf can be removed over time if events lead to such, for example war takeovers.


Gangs can take these areas at anytime. If you attempt to take over a zone, KOS rules apply.

6.4 Turfs & Fights (Square Zones)

Try not to have open warfare out the front of Pillbox. If it bleeds there, try your best to bring it back to where it should belong so it limits the possibilities for innocents to be caught up in the crossfire, and limiting outside interference.

Police can get involved at any time, you are shooting up the city the are sworn to protect.

No immediate retaliation allowed. Roleplay first (Don’t just hunt down and shoot immediately. Provide RP)

7.0 – Expectations

The expectations in RP for everyone who reps a set in 2.0 is lifted drastically as well as moving control over what happens to your gang more in the hands of the OGs themselves.

RP overall needs to be solid. Gang members direct the flow of hostile RP on the server almost entirely, aside from a few rogue crazy civs. The reasons behind the actions you choose need to be solid. We do not want to see any more all out wars over someone accidentally bumping into another person’s car for example.

7.1 Expectations – Recordings

Given that when it comes down to gangs initiating, fighting, warring etc. is when the most reports come in, tickets, etc. we require people to be recording these fights. 

It is an expectation that going into any situation that could bleed into hostilities & fights, some form of recording software is running, be it Streamed via Twitch, YouTube & Facebook publicly, or privately recorded via OSB/SLOBS, Nvidia Shadowplay, Gyazo Replay, MetalTV etc.

This ensures that if a claim is made against you, you have video proof of your side to compare with theirs.

Without proof do not expect staff to be able to hand out punishments based on he said he said conversations.

8.0 Special Considerations

  • If someone is wearing your colors, minding their own business and hanging out somewhere other than your turf, you should NOT engage with them in a negative manner due to the effects this can have, especially on newer players.
  • Cars: If you decide on a specific paint job that all cars in your gang /crew /club Rep and you see someone imitating it, Gangs can press to remove.
  • A gang cannot force someone who has a Sky-Blue Paint Job to change it because the crew runs another type of blue paint.
  • You are allowed to press a person if they are intentionally imitating your gang.
  • If someone uses their own property for any activity, you are not allowed to press them, even if the property is on your turf. The only exception is if they initiate with you first.
  • Flags (Bandannas): If your crew runs a specific colored flag you can press others who are using the same flag.