Do you yearn for some bread, pizza, pasta? I know I do! But my biggest weakness is Cinnamon rolls… get in my belly right now!!!!

But of course on the KETO / Low Carb Diet this is a big NO GO! Why?

When you submit to your urge it kicks you well outside of Ketosis and then you spend the next week or two getting back into Ketosis and the majority of people give up the diet because its like starting all over! You become bloated, you feel guilt and here come the negative thoughts about yourself.

You try and try to get back into Ketosis but it seems so hard and you just went through this hell, and you can barley justify why you keep trying to do it again?

Some people with blessed genetics don’t have this problem, they just jump right back in like its nothing at all, but for the rest of us less fortunate what can we do?

I was on this train many times and it was exhausting! There had to be a way to hack our bodies genetics, a way to indulge once in awhile and not lose all of the progress I made. What was it about some people being just fine and others falling off completly?

Within the last year I found the answer. You have to change your bodies habits. If you want to enjoy the OCASSIONAL, once a week or a couple times a month yummy goodness in moderation and still maintain or get back into Ketosis quickly, I have the answer for you, the silver bullet and you can achieve this here at 16KETO.

The first thing to do is get your body regulated to the new normal for you. Using our Free 7 day Keto Quick Start will get your body into the right routine to maximize fat burn, and get you back into Ketosis within 24 hours of a indulgent.


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