Role playing has been around forever, in which someone creates and pretends to be someone they’re not. The concept of “being someone else” is now a new feature of Grand Theft Auto V. GTA RP has dedicated servers where players create a character with a unique name, job, back-story, whatever and life the live of that person. Being incorporated into a popular game such as GTA might seem odd at first but the dedication shown off by certain players is impressive and frightening at the same time.


Of course, in a game such as GTA, players love to rob banks, street race, go on shooting sprees. But to enforce the laws of Los Santos, there are players who roleplay as police officers. And it’s no joke. You need to know the ins and outs of the legal system and the process of becoming an in-game cop is long and strenuous.

This new way of playing Grand Theft Auto has since spread into the popular streaming site, Twitch. Several of the most popular streamers such as Lirik and Summit1G have taken to these role-playing servers and have garnered large audiences. Lirik, who has created a character named Avon Barksdale (yes a character from The Wire), gets over 50,000 viewers when playing GTA RP. His interaction with other RP’ers and his in-game antics have led to the further growth of his already massive channel.



Client: Fivem Download

How to install the client

  1. Run FiveM.exe.
  2. Wait for everything to download.
  3. Select your GTA V folder.
  4. Wait for your game to be verified.
  5. Select a server in the server list or direct connect.
  6. Enjoy playing FiveM!
    Note: If you have steam running it will use your steam ID and name

How to install resource mods on your server?

  1. Create a new folder inside the resources folder of your server. (Name it something appropiate like carmods)
  2. Inside that newly created folder create a file called: __resource.lua (Can be empty)
  3. Then create another folder in the newly created folder and call it stream
  4. Inside that put all of your mods (yft, ytd, ydr, ybn, ybd, ydd – anything starting with y)
  5. Then add the name you put for that folder in your settings file under AutoStartResources