X = puts your hands up
I = opens your inventory
H = call your horse (only works after buying a horse)
J = call wagon (after buying a wagon) – look in a safe direction while outside town limits
U = opens horse/wagon menu when you are on or near your horse/wagon. Others can use B to access horse/wagon inventory.
U = use when near chairs/benches/beds to display an interact menu. Use U again to end interaction.
Spacebar, E , F and others= interacting with the world around (Mining,Chopping trees etc…)
PageUp = change voice range
M = Map
N = Default push to talk
Z = Ragdoll
F4 = will open a separate dog menu – press F4 again to get rid of interaction wheel then you can arrow key through dog menu
F6 = Open the interactive wheel. Good tool is Stop Anim button to end any animation
F8 = use F8 and select or type quit to close RedM
F12 = take a screenshot, if using Steam, SS are saved in steam folder
Alt+L.Shift = to unlock and lock doors
ESC = use to access settings menu for misc. items

T = Open up ooc chat, used for entering the below commands

/alertpolice = sends a notification to the police and your location to respond.
/alertdoctor = sends a notification to the doctors and your location to respond.
/reloadcloths = Reset your character clothing so that any bug with your character like clipping or missing, WATCH OUT when you use it, it resets your health
/dcampfire = use to pickup your campfire
/cash = shows your cash total to everyone around you
/coat,hat,boots etc… = change the way your clothes are or take them off
/mail = opens your mail
/status = type /status and then your situation to make a small box hang from your neck
/cstatus = to clear status hanging around neck
/me = type /me then a temporary action that disappears on its own. ie.. /me rubs scar on head
/1_gun = for gun tricks with 1 gun. Use again to close menu.
/2_gun = for gun tricks with 2 guns
/knife = to play finger fillet but you must sit at a table
/dh = Deletes horse. Please try to use this when getting off your horse and leaving it. Can sit on horse and use to send horse to stable.
/dcw = deletes closest wagon if cannot use U to dismiss wagon.
/tip = tip your hat
/checkgun = get closeup of gun in hand and opens menu to clean gun or use F6 radial menu
/onme = used while herding cows if you have a herding dog
/scene = place floating words in your environment (inappropriate scenes will be deleted)
/getout = to get out of your hideout if stuck.(only works in hideouts)
/leanrail1 – lean forward on a rail
/walllean1 – lean back against wall
/clanmenu – spawn camp (edited)


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