The server databases undergo routine maintenance and cleanup every two months. During this maintenance, perma’d characters or characters of players who have left or been removed and all of those characters’ in-game assets (money, cars, property, etc.) are deleted. This is done to reduce server load and free up resources for active players. Once a character and its assets are wiped from the databases, there is no way to recover them. 

If you are banned from the server your character(s) and all of your in-game assets are forfeit. They will be wiped from the server database during the maintenance cycle following your ban. In the event your ban is lifted and you are allowed to return, you will be required to start over as if your character(s) were brand new.

If you choose to leave and do not notify the Owners of your intent to return, your character(s) and all in-game assets may be wiped from the database during routine maintenance. If you need to take a break for OOC reasons and you intend to return, be sure to keep in touch so that your character(s) and assets are not deleted.