• Players in supervisor positions will be required to be active in-server at least 2-3 days weekly to maintain their departments. Staff discretion will be used for removal of players from those roles due to inactivity. 
  • If you are the leader of a gang/organization and you are inactive for a month, but the group is still active within the server, the group will be handed off to the secondary higher up player in said group at the discretion of staff. 
  • Inactive gangs and businesses will be migrated to other players or removed after a month of inactivity at the discretion of the staff team.
  • If you manage a business, it is your responsibility to keep your society account filled, paying your employees and hiring players into said business.
  • If a player leaves the server, it is up to the discretion of the staff team to sell or foreclose on any property they may have invested in after 2 months of inactivity.