I have been on the KETO / Low Carb Diet since 2013. Prior to KETO I tried them all, from cutting calories to fab diet pills. KETO is the only sustainable option I found that works for me.

During the Pandemic lockdown I fell off the KETO wagon after being forced to stay home for 6 months. I held out pretty good but finally faltered. At my most I weighed 360lbs size 44″ pants and lived in hoodies. Lack of motivation, consumption of alcohol and for the first time in my life I was dealing with depression.

A little side note on depression, I am 47 years old, In my childhood we were taught to stuff our feeling they are a sign of weakness. It was not until I actually suffered from depression that I found out just how hard it is to deal with. I always thought, just like I was taught in my younger years, you could just turn it off. Get up and keep moving, do not be weak.

I was wrong, and although I am on the other side of that dark place, it took me experiencing it for myself to understand the real stronghold it has on our lives once it sets in. Thankfully I did not need medicine to get a grip on it, but for those who struggle with it, I understand, you are not alone, please seek help if you have not already. We are all beautiful people and depression hides you away.

Now back to the topic at hand but its also a little background information to see how I got back on track.

I started back on KETO back in December 2021 just before my birthday. Cut down all the carbs, kicked out the Whiskey and was prepared to start losing again like I was once before..

1 week, 2 weeks a month the scale barley moved!! I was disgusted that it was not working this time. Was everyone right? Once you fall off KETO you cant get back in? What am I going to do now? KETO was the only thing that ever worked for me! UGH!

I was going through every knowledge base I could find, books, articles, college research studies. No one had a silver bullet to get this going again..

I had been cramming all this information into my brain yet nothing seemed to work. I had to take a breather from it all. During this break my mind just continued to try and make sense of everything I had been reading.

I remembered viewing a TED talk about the KETO diet and how much shorter of a time it takes blood sugars to fall after a meal then with traditional diets. After your last meal on a KETO diet your blood sugar reaches normal levels after 3-4 hours, with normal diets its 6-12 hours after your last meal.

Right before I took my breather from research, I was reading about an article from Harvard University with its research on Fasting from 8 hour fasts to 72 hour fasting’s. How different lengths of Fasting’s provided different benefits, but of course all positive benefits.

Promotes Blood Sugar Control, Fighting Inflammation, Boost Brain Function, Aids Weight Loss, Increases Growth Hormone Secretion, Which Is Vital for Growth, Metabolism, Weight Loss and Muscle Strength

and there is so much more. Of course weight loss is the primary thought for me.

I started research on KETO Fasting, here is where it gets interesting for me. The internet is split on the idea of fasting and KETO, the majority of University Research says doing KETO and fasting is overkill since you are already getting the benefits of fasting with a keto diet. After typically 12-14 hours of fasting you are then into KETOSIS which as we know is your body burning fat for fuel. So if I was reading this all correctly if I fasted for 16 hours I should burning Fat for fuel.

Since my ketones were not significant since starting back on KETO and every time I ate I was kicked right out, why not give this a shot.

I went 1 week 16/8 fasting that’s when you eat for 8 hours and don’t take in any calories for 16. I’m not going to lie, it was tough to go from eating whenever I wanted, to a small window of time. Late night craving were killing me but I found the ways to cope with that.

After my one week I weighed myself, 2lbs down. I was not impressed, but I was not about to give up. I gave it another week, gained 1lbs. Ok what the heck is going on. Visually, I was seeing small changes like my face was not as chubby, my stomach was not bloated, but still something had to be wrong, what was I missing.

Back to the research I went, hours upon hours of articles and books. Then I found it, an article on KETO and athlete endurance and how those on Low Carb / Keto diets have less endurance then those with standard diets. This is because the low/carb bodies do not have stored energy in the muscles and get fatigued easily. So how did athletes who low carb / keto build their endurance. You would think they would just carb load prior to a workout or competing right? No, they actually trained while in a fasted state. That’s right, they forced their bodies to work 100% off of body fat only when training!

Ok so how would I make this work for me? For one week I brought my exercise routine into my fasting, the first week of fasted keto and exercise, I lost 8.1lbs. Within one month I had dropped from a 42 waistline to a 40 and lost a total of 37lbs in two months.

To date I am down 63 lbs. in six months wear 38 jeans, XL shirts and I feel amazing!

This is my KETO journey and I want to share it all with you, join the community and lets see what we can do together!

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